FREE Digital Copy of Your Photo With Every Print Order

April 3, 2015

Xpression Photography Offers More!

Xpression Photography are committed to offering high value for money from booking our services right through to purchasing your prints, mugs, t-shirts and other products. At the start of 2015 we started offering free digital hi-res copies to every customer who purchased prints. As a result of the feedback received, we have decided to offer this as a feature of our service.

Available for ALL Print Orders From Our Studio, Website and live at an Event

So it's official! Every print order made on our Website, via our photo studio or at an event* will include a free hi-res copy of the photo ordered. You will receive an email containing the file(s) separately, normally within 24 hours of placing the print order.

*In order to receive a free download when purchasing prints at an event, an email address MUST be stated when placing your order at the event.

This All Sounds Good, But Why Offer Free Downloads?

Why offer the photo files free? The way we see it is, you have already purchased your print and supported our service, so why not give you the digital copy since you have bought the photo?

What if I just want the download and don't want a print?

Downloads are still available on our Website to purchase. These cost just £2.49 each!


You may copy, print, share and publicly display the images on your Social Media pages. The only thing you cannot do is use the files for commercial use, without prior written consent from Xpression Photography. The files do not contain watermarks.

Terms and Conditions.

There isn't any really! Order any print and receive a free hi-res copy of that same photo. There is no minimum or maximum, so you may order as many prints as you like and receive all the files ordered. If you purchase 10 different prints you will receive 10 files, obviously if you order 10 prints of the same photo you would receive 1 file.


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