Welcome to our registry! This is a sample registry to show you how it works! (this is a sample registry please DO NOT donate funds)

The registry feature is offered for the purchase of goods and services ONLY and is non-transferable. Normally the final amount will be enough to cover all products/services required and is intended for families, groups and committees to help raise the funds required to purchase products and services from Xpression Photography. There is no credit agreement or interest payments involved so an ideal solution for low income households.

Your registry can be public or private with secure password protection.

You can also set the event date if required. So can set a deadline to raise the funds by. 

All funds are made available as soon as the goal is reached. This enables you to purchase the products/services required. If the goal is not reached, you can either extend the period or pay the difference. 

Registry for: This is a Sample Registry to Show You How It Works -

Event Date: 30 November, 2015

Registry ID: 1489

£0.00 of £200.00 goal reached

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