East Districts XC Broxburn

January 20, 2015

The East Districts Cross Country, league 3, was held in Broxburn on Saturday 17th January 2015.

The weather actually held out quite well which was a surprise with the recent snow and icy spells! I was expecting a nice white snow backdrop for the photos but the ground was ok considering the freezing conditions. It was still cold on the day but I quickly warmed up after running up and down the course with all the camera equipment trying to keep ahead of the athletes!

The water section was great. I'd say favorite section of the whole course. Actually had to pry myself away from there to avoid missing other shots. Though there was a few close calls, I don't think anyone actually fell into the water which I do admit was a little disappointing!

The turnout was great with a total of 47 clubs/groups competing, travelling from all over Scotland. Taking the photos on the day was a challenge as I went solo this time. This did mean covering just 1 area at a time so tried to cover as much as possible between the start/finish line and the water section.

To view all the photos taken, please go to the gallery, please note that you must be logged in to view the album.

For full results, please visit: salroadrunningandcrosscountrymedalists.co.uk

Below are the sample photos picked out for our Facebook Page.


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