Bridesmaids Guide

February 3, 2014

Pre-Wedding Responsibilities 

Help with Brainstorming, planning, and organizing throughout 

Assist and attend dress shopping 

Help with DIY projects, assembling favors, addressing invites, etc. 

Plan and attend any pre-wedding parties, such as Showers, Bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinner

Attend pre-wedding ceremony/rehearsal dinners, etc. 

Pay for your own attire, follow up with alterations and pick up 

Steam and prepare bridesmaids dress 

Pay a share towards the bridal shower or any group gifts for the bride Inform people of where wedding couple is registered 

The Big Day 

Help Bride get ready in the morning 

Help with event set up, if needed 

Ensure attendants and bride are rested, fed and prepared on the day 

Carry tissues, touch up make up, vows and/or speech for bride 

Carry and follow day of time line, checking with planner or person in charge 

Participate in procession and stand up for bride during ceremony 

(MOH) Sign marriage license *

(MOH) Hold brides bouquet throughout ceremony *

Be aware of the bride's dress and assist bride subtly if needed 

Help welcome and direct guests throughout day 

Ensure elderly and special guests are looked after 

Ensure bride is relaxed and present through the day to enjoy

* MOH = Maid Of Honour 


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